You, darling, are just a person. You aren’t just mistakes. You aren’t your friends. You aren’t the brand of clothes you wear. You aren’t a shade of lipstick. You aren’t your sports car. You aren’t the eviction notice on your door. You aren’t the luxury you own. You aren’t a welfare check. You aren’t currency. You aren’t your social status.You aren’t another humans opinion. You aren’t just what you see in the mirror. You aren’t your flaws. You aren’t your perfections. You are you. You get to decide what you are defined by. But remember, you are just a person.



If we’re talking I need to know what “we” are all about.
You want friendship? Tell me. So I can treat you like a friend.
You’re talking to other girls? Tell me. So I can talk to others too.
You’re only talking to me? Tell me. So I can commit too.
You’re not feeling anything? TELL ME! So I can stop wasting my time.
I would understand, sometimes you have to accept that the one you fall for isn’t ready to catch you.